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Under the stars, I looked into your eye's
Whisper into the night,
Held you tight.
It was our time,
On a crisp summer night.
Moments like these come and go.
Making the time pass so slow.
Wishing it'd never end it's simple bliss.
It was our time...

Under the star's, the moon was shining upon us.
And the frogs had sung a song only for us, this night.

It was our night.
Just we two under the nightsky, near the sea.

I felt like the luckiest woman on earth
To share this night with you.

Moments like these pass by...

And we wish, we could stop time.
To keep our small time of bliss.

Just laying next to you,
So content hearing your breath in my ear.

When you look at me.
All I can do is
To say I love you.

26.10.07 16:28

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